Low Back Pain Program

Pro-Motion Physical Therapy incorporates evidence-based treatment into your
Lower Back Pain program whenever possible.

For many years the cause of recurrent and chronic low back pain has been unclear. The search for relief has typically relied on traditional methods of physical therapy with general exercises, pain pills, topical treatments, chiropractic or surgery.

Physical Therapy for back pain relief in America hasn’t changed much in the last 30 years. Until now. A revolutionary physiotherapy approach developed in Australia and practiced in Australia, New Zealand and the Untied Kingdom is now available in the southwest Chicagoland area. It is, in fact, a professional movement with documented and researched treatment techniques that really work as opposed to “what’s always been done.”

Low Back Pain Treatment

Studies have shown that certain low back muscles switch off at the onset of pain and do not reactivate even when the pain subsides, leading to recurrent back pain episodes. Pro-Motion Physical Therapy specialists are but a few in the country trained to treat these muscles and get to the core of low back pain. We begin by evaluating all structures of the low back that can contribute to pain, including joints, ligaments, discs, nerves and muscles. We address each patient’s specific problem and implement a multidimensional approach that not only targets and relieves their pain but helps them regain full function, restoring a quality of life they may not have enjoyed for months, or even years.

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