Auto Injury Program

While similar to other types of injuries, auto injuries can often be much more violent. Getting you out of pain is sometimes the first order of business. Getting you back to life comes next. Our unique combination of evidence-based manual and other therapies can help resolve your pain quickly and safely.

Training That Makes a World of Difference

Pro-Motion Physical Therapy owners and Clinical Specialists Paul Humphries and Jayne Sutcliffe both trained in Australia, which has an international reputation for innovation and leading the way in physical therapy research. Over the past 50 years, nearly every new concept in physical therapy has come from Australia.

Personal, One-on-One Care

We maximize the benefits of our education and training by providing an outstanding level of service and
one-on-one care. Our patients see the same therapist at every visit — not a tech or an assistant, but a clinical specialist. And we spend the entire time working hands-on with individual patients rather than supervising groups from a distance. We spend this time teaching, observing, adjusting and goal-planning to allow you to reach your full potential.